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Fine Art Trade Guild

Made in Suffolk – The Ed Sheeran Exhibition.

We were thrilled to be asked to frame a vast amount of work for Ed’s hometown exhibition, celebrating his success in becoming one of the world’s biggest music stars. We were particularly excited to frame his original artwork which he created for his early album covers. We also had the privilege of framing hand written lyrics from some of his most famous songs including 'Castle on the hill'. What an honour!

Kiss & Tell: Rodin and Suffolk Sculpture
We were thrilled to frame four original pencil drawings by Suffolk’s John Constable for this wonderful show. These are some of the most prestigious works we have been asked to work on.This exhibition explored the tale behind the lovers in Auguste Rodin’s iconic life-size marble sculpture The Kiss and the work of literature that inspired it, Dante’s Inferno from The Divine Comedy. This monumental artwork, on loan from the Tate, is a significant piece in the history of sculpture. The exhibition took you on a journey to uncover one of the most enduring themes in art – the human figure.

Our Framing Service


Picture Framing choices are endless: plain wood, hand painted stained, waxed; contemporary metal frames, traditional gold, swept frames - the choice is yours.

Our chosen mounting board is Bainbridge Alphamat Artcare, a conservation quality board from America which comes in a fabulous range of colours and textures. We are also proud to offer a traditional hand painted washline for mounting, where appropriate, to give your picture frame that extra special look.

Our mountboards, barrier paper and backing boards are chosen to be non harmful and we can offer a range of glass and acrylic products with varying degrees of protection.

3D Items

For items such as medals, football shirts etc, we use box or deep rebate framing, ensuring that the glass is not in contact with the item being framed. See framing gallery

Cross Stitch

Both cross stitch and embroidery works are stretched using the correct lacing method, over acid free board and, as with all fabric pieces including football shirts, we aim to make the process fully reversible. See framing gallery

         Restoration and Conservation

Where an item of artwork has suffered damage, whether through insect infestation, damp or the perils of old age, we will request a quotation from one of several professional conservators with whom we have long established relationships.

MF Gallery and Framing


New Wolsey Theatre

MF Gallery and Framing did a fantastic job with our staircase gallery. Their expertise throughout the consultation and hanging process results in a visually stunning New Wolsey Theatrespace which is enjoyed by our customers daily. We highly recommend them and look forward to our next framing project.’

The New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich.

Christchurch Mansion

We have been using MF Gallery and Framing for conservation mounting and framing requirements of the Museum collection over many years. They provide a quality service that is punctual and reliable. The correct mount Christchurch Mansionand frame are very important to the display of an artwork but also to the future preservation of that work and having framers who understand those needs is crucial.
Emma Roodhouse – Curator for Christchurch Mansion and Ipswich Museum.